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A TurtleCraft embroidery example: spirograph-like scripted pattern for hand embroidery by Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider, the creative person behind @bitcraftlab and the bitcraft blog will be running a computer generated hand embroidery workshop during technical textiles.
What follows is a description of his workshop and the information on signing up. Please join us Saturday, April 13th for Martin’s workshop and more talks and workshops during technical textiles.

Please make sure to sign up in advance, since the size of the TurtleCraft Embroidery Workshop is quite limited.

TurtleCraft Embroidery Workshop


Learn how to use algorithms, mathematics and little turtles to create hand embroidery patterns with the computer and stitch them right away!

We will be using the TurtleCraft Sandbox, an open source software that lets you create
embroidery patterns right in your browser. Have a look at the Turtle Craft Wiki to find out what this is all about.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you to the ETIB for providing fabric, needles and thread!

A special thank you to Neptun Technologies for sponsoring us and for providing us with their magic paper, officially know as “Wasserlösliches Stickpapier” (water soluble embroidery paper). You can find their online shop here.

Signing up

The workshop is now officially booked out.

In case anyone drops out you can still get on the waiting list.
Simply write an email to: “turtlecraft ät” to do so.

Please answer the following three questions in your email, with 1 to 3 sentences each:

  1. What are your craft and computer skills?
  2. What do you hope to learn at the workshop?
  3. Are you planning to bring your own embroidery tools and fabric?

Date and Time

Date: Saturday, April 13th 2013
Time: 13:00
Duration: open ended


The Workshop will take place at ETIB:

Electronic & Textile Institute Berlin
Koloniestrasse 10,
13357 Berlin/Wedding
Show it on GoogleMaps


Here is a rough sketch of the topics we are going to touch:

Basic Topics

  • turtle crafting
  • simple stitches
  • loops and recursion
  • lindemeyer systems
  • fractal embroidery

Advanced Topics

  • mathematical embroidery
  • filling stitches
  • running stitch patterns
  • cross stitch patterns
  • blackwork embroidery

The coverage of the topics will be adopted to the skill level and interests of the participants.


The workshop is aimed at people who have some basic experience with hand embroidery and would like to learn how to use the TurtleCraft sandbox to create embroidery patterns.

The TurtleCraft sandbox is based on Javascript, but you don’t need any programming skills to get started!


We’ll try to get you up and running real quick, so you can create your own turtle craft
patterns within the first hour.

We are then going to:

  1. print the patterns onto magic paper.
  2. frame paper and fabric into the embroidery hoop,
  3. stitch it while watching all the other exciting things going on at the ETIB event.

In the end we will just wash the fabric and the embroidery paper will magically disappear.


5 Euro per person

(Material cost)


If you want to decorate your own caps, t-shirts and hoodies, please bring them along.

Embroidery thread, paper and fabric samples are covered by the material cost and will be provided.

We can also provide a couple of hoops and embroidery needles, but if you do have your own please bring them with you.


Any more questions?

Just send an email to: “turtlecraft ät”

Looking forward to meet and stitch!
— Martin

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